Key Opinion Leader Identification and Engagement in Support of a Female Hormonal Contraceptive


Across healthcare and in the crowded marketplace of female hormonal contraceptives, key opinion leaders (KOLs) shape therapeutic discourse from the national to local levels. A critical element of brand success includes a successful, sustained, strategic KOL engagement plan. A fundamental step in that process is identifying KOLs and ascertaining their spheres of influence.


With KOL identification, the inherent challenge is finding a comprehensive list of potential KOLs that is also accessible and manageable – or in other words, a means to find the right KOLs that may be engaged in the most appropriate way.  


Ardelis Health has developed a propriety methodology using data analytics that captures a comprehensive list of potential national and regional KOLs and rising stars in their field and defines specific expertise and influence networks.


To support the launch of a new female hormonal contraceptive into a crowded market, Ardelis Health utilized our proprietary KOL mapping analysis to identify KOLs and understand how the group communicated information.

Specifically, we:

  • Captured the universe of KOLs
  • Confirmed KOLs previously identified by the commercial and medical teams
  • Identified additional KOLs and rising stars
  • Used a quantitative-based social network analysis to reveal professional and collegial networks and create a model for efficient information delivery

By applying the results of analysis, KOLs were rapidly engaged to help share important brand and disease state communications, streamline information delivery, and kick-start the launch of a new contraceptive.


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