Moving markets. Guiding policy. Improving care.

What keeps you up at night?

Ardelis Health helps you answer difficult questions. If your challenges are like the ones listed here, please contact us.

Solving the hard problems:

  • Evaluating market opportunities, uncovering drivers
  • Developing strategy, implementing initiatives
  • Expediting the flow of information, raising awareness
  • Coalescing stakeholders, shaping markets
  • Finding patients, growing markets
  • Prepping for regulatory review, streamlining processes


In the increasingly complex US and global healthcare systems, knowledge and keen insight are critical to success.

Our vision is to work with stakeholders across the spectrum of healthcare to develop solutions that improve the delivery of healthcare.


Ardelis Health is a multidisciplinary consulting firm specializing in strategic analysis and information modeling to develop and execute programs that impact public health and improve healthcare delivery.


At Ardelis Health, we offer a spectrum of services to assist our clients from the first steps of drug development and government approval to product launch and post-launch strategic planning. Our diverse experience allows us to provide effective and valuable consultation on key aspects of our clients’ businesses.

We develop tailored projects and programs that exceed our clients’ objectives and serve to improve the delivery of care. Recent work includes:

A global market analysis and forecast for a unique rare disease treatment

A multi-stakeholder survey and publication for a newly approved drug class

An important public health campaign on a long-overlooked healthcare issue

A comprehensive thought leader identification and mapping analysis across 3 indications


Michael A. Barnett

MD, DPhil – Managing Partner

James B. Moran

MBA – Managing Partner

Kevin Huang

JD – Managing Director


Improving Care:

Examining Issues in Medication Delivery

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Raising Awareness:

Ensuring Safe Use of Medications

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Guiding Public Health Policy:

Positioning a New Product for Launch

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Dr. Michael Barnett, Managing Partner, participated in a Think Tank convened by PM360 magazine to examine the challenges of step therapy and what can be done to avoid payers “fail first” protocols.


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